What inspires our customers and the market also inspires us


Passion and Expertise

… have made us a successful market player for many years

Fully comprehensive service package

TOGA FOOD SA was founded in 1982 and has become a major marketing and sales organisation for baked goods, confectionery, sandwich spreads and many other product categories. We constantly adjust our range in line with customer wishes and current trends. As well as importing successful brands and exclusive speciality products, we also commission products directly from producers. We take care of all sales and distribution activities and operate a successful quality management system. We are also certified according to the IFS Broker and IFS Logistics standards.

Customised customer care

As a partner to Swiss retailers, we deliver a range of excellent services. We excel in proficiently and efficiently sourcing appropriate and promising products across all sectors. We embrace the challenge of fulfilling customer wishes, be it individual packaging or exclusive brands.

We honour partnerships

We firmly believe that a successful partnership is based on several fundamental principles. Open and transparent communication is crucial to ensure clear, efficient collaboration. Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship as it creates the basis for reliability and mutual support.

What makes TOGA FOOD different

  • We are a major partner to Swiss food retailers.
  • We are passionate experts in the food sector.
  • We do everything we can to ignite enthusiasm among customers and consumers for our products and services.
  • We are expanding our market presence through long-standing partnerships.
  • We are committed, flexible, proficient and reliable.