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Sophisticated sales and marketing

Our enthusiastic product management and sales teams develop tailor-made business plans and sales concepts, working closely with our partners. This enables us to bring great brands to the retail, wholesale, cash-and-carry and e-commerce markets. We always focus on our customers’ needs and respond dynamically to changing requirements.

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Efficient warehousing and logistics

Our warehouse can accommodate 2,500 pallets and provides services such as storage, order picking, repackaging, shrink-wrapping and price labelling. We source products internationally and also take care of customs clearance. Working closely with our partners, we can deliver more than 1,000 items within 24 hours throughout Switzerland, whether as bulk deliveries to central warehouses or as branch-commissioned deliveries in the cross-docking system.

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Top-tier quality management

All our products are compliant with Swiss food law. We comply with our clients’ strict, quality requirements, guaranteeing seamless traceability for all products.

As a sign of our commitment to quality, we hold high-level IFS certifications according to both the IFS Broker and the IFS Logistics standards. We are pleased to comply with these stringent requirements, which also include regular audits of our operations.

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Innovative product scouting services

We monitor the market, consumer behaviour and trends and scout the world to find the best products for each channel and each customer. Thanks to our targeted market research, our presence at international food fairs as well as our broad network, we are able to bring promising brands and concepts to the Swiss market.

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